Friday, October 22, 2010

Hi All,

Coming to you from 30K. Internet on the plane is cool, but this use to be vedge-out and drinking time....sigh.

Just finished a review of our Yellow Submarine NoWhere Man statue. It's coming along nicely; we are re-working the texture on his fur and tail to get it more random and "cartoony". That's a technical term. NoWhere Man is a special limited edition that will not be available for sale but will be a special gift for those who buy all (4) Beatles statues via

You can check details out for the Yellow Submarine NoWhere Man Bundle at

Just finished a new photo shoot at the studio here of our Ronnie James Dio Rock Iconz (R) statue. Did out 60 shots and are reveiwing about 25 of the best w/ Wendy Dio and Niji now. Will be sharing those with you soon...

Much work on 2011 projects ongoing....

A Happy Halloween Season from All Here.


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