Friday, October 1, 2010

"Chief" Blue Meanie is Friggin' Huge !

Hi All,

In full swing with Blue Meanie production hoping to ship for the holidays. As the piece comes together, I had almost forgotten the total mass of this character, he's massive. It is by far the biggest piece we have done in the Rock Iconz series. Standing next to our Yellow Submarine Beatles sculpts, he truly dwarfs each of the Fab Four and the NoWhere Man...totally faithful to the film. We are in Hong Kong and our matching paint prototype is w/ us. The fight is on over who gets to put him in their office when we get back home...

Check "His Blueness" out here

Pulling reference for our Dark Crystal Jen and Kira sculpts...more on those in the coming days. The Henson folks are the coolest.

More soon...


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