Tuesday, February 6, 2018

2018 will be another behemoth year for KnuckleBonz with even more new products to be announced.  Along with these new additions to our Rock Iconz™ series, there will be a price increase, our first in almost a decade. This is needed to allow us to continue to deliver the same great official licenses from top bands and artists, statue quality, and level of detail we have been creating since our founding in 2003. On March 20th, all shipping Rock Iconz as well as any Pre-Order statues will increase to $149.

Take this time to lock in at our current $125 price and add any Rock Iconz that are missing from your collection.

KnuckleBonz products are all hand-crafted. They are now (and will always be) created in very limited editions. It’s a way for super passionate fans and collectors to connect with our music past and present. We do our best to create value for our customers, yet still have a product that is accessible to all. That said, we know our work is not for everyone and is not meant to be. A Rock Iconz Limited Edition is an investment; a factor that we take very seriously. Each limited edition brings together never more than 3000 people worldwide as part of the brotherhood and sisterhood who honors the great music performers in music. 

We are so pleased and privileged to continue the Rock Iconz Series into our 15th year.

Thx and Rock Hard ! Kbonz

Friday, January 19, 2018

Here’s a quick production update for Live KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz projects....

King Diamond – Production is wrapping up next week and the King Diamond Rock Iconz™ Limited Edition Statue will begin the trip to our US warehouse. Looks like and end of February or early March ship. King Diamond has signed all the special certificated and statue bases for the pre-sales give away. They are being set aside now. Looks like and end of February or early March ship date. Stay tuned here for updates next month.

GHOST Papa Emeritus III – GHOST is in final paint revision and will finish production over the next 10 days. Drop testing on the package design was completed this wee and all is go to ship. Looking like early March for Papa. There’s still time to have a chance to get one of the hand-signed Certificates of Authenticity with a pre-order. That will end sometime next month. 

Janis Joplin – Janis production is complete, and the statue is being boxed for shipping now. Janis should ship at the end of February. Thanks for your patience on this production.

Billy Idol – The newly announced Billy Idol statue is complete and will begin shipping the US warehouse at the end of this month. Looks like an early March ship. This production captures Billy Idol from his debut album era in 1982/83. We have taken some grief on this one from KnuckleBonz fans saying, “we are moving away from metal”. Just because we create something that is, or is not, in a certain musical genre does not say anything about us. We are music fans and will continue to create Ltd. Editions for great music artists. Artists we like and that fans around the world want to see.

Billy Gibbons – The founder of the “Texas Trio” ZZ Top is in final paint and production will wrap up at the end of this month. We has some delay with all our final approvals from Billy because of the holidays, but all’s good and looking like an early March ship date.

Thanks to all for your continued support for KnuckleBonz…we are turning 15 years old, seems like s minute ago we were meeting with Mrs. Rhoads about creating the first KnuckleBonz Ltd. Edition.

Rock Hard ! Kbonz