Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beatles Sculpts Shared with Apple Corps London

Hi All,

Putting finishing touches on the Beatles Yellow Submarine Rock Iconz(R) statues. Shared first pictures of the work w/ Beatles management Apple Corps today. All are really pleased w/ the work in progress and we hope to make a formal announcement w/ color pics of John, Paul, George and Ringo later in the month via and the Beatles Facebook page.

DIO's Rock Iconz box design was approved by Wendy Dio and Niji so all is tracking for that early December release.

We are fresh off a week long jam session with our sculptors and have kicked off our new Jim Henson "Dark Crystal" figures. Jen will set atop the Dark Crystal with the healing chard held high in the first limited edition piece. In the 2nd statue, he holds a sleeping Kira close as he waits for a miracle from the Mystics...very excited about these pieces.

Work on Jareth (aka. David Bowie) continues on the first statue in our Jim Henson "Labyrinth" series...more info on that as we get into holiday time.

thx and more soon,


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