Monday, July 17, 2017

Syd Barrett, co-founder of Pink Floyd Rock Iconz®
 Ltd. Edition Statue production in in final stages.

Syd Barrett perhaps had more impact on rock music, over a shorter span, than any song writer and frontman in history. Syd’s life began with a simple and pleasant childhood in Cambridge, England. He then gained prominence as a local art and musical bohemian figure, who would become the original creative genius behind of one of the world’s greatest bands, Pink Floyd. In 1965, Syd joined former school mate, Roger Waters, in the band that Syd named Pink Floyd, along with Richard Wright & Nick Mason. Syd immediately emerged as the main creative and songwriting drive that would lay the groundwork for the UK psychedelic music scene. This would grow beyond an underground movement and become the massive musical genre we know today. Syd’s early compositions “See Emily Play” and “Arnold Layne” were the original Floyd tent poles, and their first UK chart singles. The epic “Interstellar Overdrive” fused a long musical jam session and an elaborate live visual performance, these elements forming the road map Pink Floyd would follow over the next decade. After appearing on only the first two Pink Floyd albums, Syd began to show serious signs of mental illness that would challenge his creative and personal life going forward. Syd split from Pink Floyd in 1968 and released the well-received solo album “The Madcap Laughs” followed by “Barrett”.  After this period, Syd’s interest and ability to focus on his music waned and he withdrew to Cambridge. He was occupied by his painting and other creative endeavours, far away from the spotlight, never to re-emerge. He had become and would remain the “Crazy Diamond” until his
death in July of 2006. Shine On…

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It's Thrash Tuesday at KnuckleBonz! Megadeth

Rolling out our Megadeth Rock Iconz(R) Limited Edition statues for Dave Mustaine with his Angel of Deth Guitar. It's a timeless image of Dave in a signature military top and the black and yellow radiation logo. Our 2nd design brings the Peace Sells, But Who's Buying? album cover art to life. Vic Rattlehead is hunched of the "For Sale" sign atop a pile of war rubble..."It's Still WE, the people right?"

These statues have been almost 2 years in the making. We originally contacted  Dave 2 years ago and agreed to create these Rock Iconz limited edition statues. For various reasons, most of which we had no control over, it's taken that long to get these ready for all the Megadeth and KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz faithful. Dave approved our prototypes a couple of weeks ago just before Megadeth headed our on tour for their dates throughout Asia Pacific.

We hope to catch up with Mustaine to present the finished 1st castings in the Megadeth limited edition Rock Iconz statues sometime  later this summer. Will try to capture some video from that for you. 

More Rock Iconz announcements coming literally every week for the balance of the year and we are listening to your feedback. Tell us what you want to see us create in 2017. #Megedeth #DaveMustaine #KnuckleBonz

Rock Hard!


Friday, March 17, 2017

At long last a new logo and new products. A new age is upon us...