Friday, August 6, 2010

Well Wishes on Dio Project

Hi All,

Thanks to all of you who have called and emailed about our new Ronnie James Dio Rock Iconz® project. We have shared your well wishes with Wendy Dio and all the people at Ronnie’s Management Company, Niji. Everyone is touched and excited.

Ronnie’s sculpt is well underway and we are beginning to dial in the costume details. Dean at Niji provided us with some great concert footage from 1984 that is guiding us…will share pics of work in progress as soon as we can.

Lots of other KnuckleBonz limited edition statues are underway as well, but we can’t let you in on them until all those nasty contract and business details are nailed down…sigh. Some of these will be a bit of a departure for us so we hope all our fans and collectors around the world are into it.



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