Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sculpt Revisions "The MOB RULES"

Hi All,

Lots of revisions going on for holiday KnuckleBonz® products as well as some things that we will debut for 2011. We are also beginning a website redesign…it’s about time ;0

Spent a good deal of time with Dio's Rock Iconz® piece yesterday. We are beginning to refine his costume as well as small details on his portrait/hair. His boots are looking smashing if we do say so here. I would say we are at about 80% on the figure. If all keeps moving forward we hope to be showing the sculpt to Wendy Dio and Niji managment next week for the first time....excited and nervous as always.

The other officially licensed stuff we are working on is still held up in legal (ahhhh). Can share that soon.



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