Monday, November 22, 2010

Promo Codes - Holiday Discounts

Hi All,

Happy holidays...while we are eternal optimists and totally subscribe to the"laws of attraction" to try to right all the wrongs that this zany planet has done to all of us over the last couple for years; we know all of you are probably still feeling a little pinched in the wallet. With that in mind for the first time ever we are offering discount "Promo Codes" to try to make your dollar stretch a little further this holiday season and still be able to give some of the coolest gifts on the planet...that being something from our Rock Iconz series of course ;0

Use these promo codes for killer holiday discounts:

Blue Meanie Rock Iconz
Promo Code "blu1968blog1"
25 % Discount Goof Thru 11/30

RUSH "Starman" Rock Iconz
Promo Code "rushstr2010blog1"

25% Discount Good thru 12/31

Call us at 1.800.638.4180 and a real live person will answer ( or call you back) to work w/ you for a kick ass holiday gift...

Happy Holidays,


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